Welcome to S K Export House

S.K. Export House is a premiere Industry involved in developing, manufacturing and exporting of METAL HANDICRAFTS. It is a 100% Export Oriented unit specializing in Copper Artware like Bottles, Mugs, Cutlery items, Utensils, etc... 


Why Drink and Eat in Copper Vessel?

  • Improves Digestion. 
  • Lowers the Risk of Cancer.
  • Helps Lose Weight. 
  • Helps in Proper Functioning of Thyroid Glands. 
  • Helps Heal Wounds Faster. 
  • Lowers the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases. 
  • Slows Down Ageing.
  • Prevents Infection.
  • Cures Anaemia.
  • Prevents the Risk of Strokes.
  • Stimulates the Brain.
  • Provides Relief from Inflamed Joints and Arthritis.